Long-Stem Infinity Roses

Long-Stem Infinity Roses

These unique long-stemmed Infinity Roses embody everything FLEURS DE PARIS stands for:

Several years of durability of real & uniquely beautiful roses, now in their full beauty with stem. Our roses are harvested at the most beautiful point of their bloom, each rose carefully preserved by hand over the course of two weeks, allowing you to enjoy them for many years.

For a birthday, Mother’s Day or just as a symbol of your true feelings - the packaging of our FLEURS DE PARIS Long-Stem Infinity Roses serves as the perfect gift. Of course, you can also treat yourself and grace your interior with long-lasting floral accents.

For a larger quantity of our Long-Stem Infinity Roses you may adjust the amount of 1 or 5 rose-sets to your preference.

Durability: approx. 1-3 years.

Stem length: 45 cm